Installing wekan as a todo kanban board in k3s kubernetes

March 23, 2023
Add in helm repo 
  helm repo add wekan

Get those values so that you can customize accordingly. 
helm show values wekan/wekan >> wekan/values.yml

Change the values as you would like, 
vi wekan/values.yml

In my case , I wanted this wekan to be fault tolerant. I changed the replicaCount to 3.  Also , I needed this to be accessible via NodePort. 
so I changed service.type to NodePort.
  type: NodePort

Install using helm install
helm install my-wekan wekan/wekan -f dev/k3s/wekan/values.yml

That is it it should be installed.  Now you would need to find the port of the wekan board to access it. 
kubectl get svc
Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 12.22.18.png 114 KB
In my case it was 31396 . 
So , https://YOURIP:31396 , should be accesible and you should be able to access your wekan board.